Monday, April 5, 2010


We were walking the pooches the other day when I spotted this couple on their bicycle(s).  I'm not sure if this contraption is home made or if bikes are actually sold this way?  I'm familiar with the design of a tandem bicycle but this thing was cool!  I'm about to let you in on a little secret wish of mine, I've always wanted to ride a tandem bike with my husband.  Funny looks aside, the idea is way cool!  It's on my "life list" of things I'd like to do one day; a.k.a "bucket list".  First, I'll need to work up my stamina to keep up with him because our fitness levels are on completely different plains.  Bobby (my husband) says that in order to successfully ride a bike like this both parties need to work together and need to be in sync.  If you've ever gone riding with someone, you're either ahead of them of they're ahead of you.  Riding side by side can be challenging for one of you.  That is, unless you work to be in sync like a team!

Yay for Teamwork!!!

Positive quote of the day:
"The cure for sorrow is to learn something."
- Barbara Sher

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