Monday, June 28, 2010

Melissa & Joe Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing  Melissa & Joe's wedding.  They could not have picked a more beautiful spot to be married.  Every where you turned was a photo opportunity just waiting to be captured.  I'm happy to give you a little preview of their special day.

The tables were set up so beautifully.

This shot cracks me up!  All the women were helping each other get ready, somehow they formed a train.

A little fuel.

Brides always have a glow about them, don't they?!

Melissa with her sister.  The bond between them was beautiful!

It was really windy, I want to say about 45 mph.  I have to admit that I love how dreamy their wind blown hair makes them look!

Joe with their son.  This little guy has the best smile!

Newly pronounced husband and wife.  Woo hoo!!!

I love these fun shots!

These kids are just too cute!!!

Congratulations Melissa & Joe, I hope you enjoyed your preview.


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